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Professional Google ads Certification course in Ahmedabad

  • Google Ad Words is a legitimate platform where advertisers compete for the right to show web users brief advertisements, service providers, product listings, or videos
  • We provide a well-structured Google Ads certification course in Ahmedabad that offers holistic training on Google Ad words Training with an equal focus on theoretical and practical components, with the goal of equipping the student with in-depth knowledge.
  • Our professional experts have more than 8 years of experience and provide intensive training to students to guarantee that they master all of the digital marketing methods and techniques.

Why choose us for a Professional Google ads certification course?

  • We are among the greatest institutions of professional Google ads institutes in Ahmedabad. You’ll find a diverse selection of courses in a variety of sections here.
  • You will receive in-depth training on the subject as well as a study material package if you contact our certification classes.
  • Furthermore, you will acquire information from a reputable source.
  • In fact, you will be guaranteed a job placement here.
  • Along with training, our professionals will assist you in discovering the requirements by Teaching on real-time projects.


  • You should have a website, landing page, or Facebook page that you wish to drive traffic to for this Google Ad Words course.
  • Even if you don’t have a landing page or a website yet, you should take this Ad Words course to learn how to master pay-per-click advertising.
  • All you need is an internet-connected laptop, tablet, or Smartphone!


  • Learn how to optimize your keywords listen.
  • Learn how to leverage dynamic keyword insertion in Google Ads.
  • Learn how to optimize your Ad campaigns by using geo-targeting.
  • Learn how to advertise on Google’s Content Network.
  • Learn how to optimize your Ads using advanced settings in Google Ads.
  • Learn how to set up conversion tracking in Google Ads.
  • Learn how to integrate and leverage Google Analytics with Google Ads.

Advertising on Google’s Display Network

  • Understanding Google’s Display Network
  • How Does Advertising on the Display Network Work?
  • A Few Things You Should Know About the Display Ads
  • How to Leverage Content Network in Google Ads
  • Automatic Placement
  • Targeted Placement
  • Exploring the Display Planner Tool within Google Ads

Introduction to Google+ Local

  • Overview of Location-based Ad Services
  • How to Leverage Google+ Local
  • Obtaining Insights from Google+ Local Dashboard

Optimizing Your Keywords Strategy for Ads

  • Keywords Optimization Strategy
  • Long-Tail vs Short-Tail Keywords
  • Using Broad Match Modifiers
  • Application Broad Match Identifier in Google Ads
  • Keywords Diagnosis in Ads
  • Optimizing Your Keywords Research
  • Leveraging the Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Demo for the Google Keyword Planner
  • Learning from Organic Keywords
  • Implementing Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • How Dynamic Keyword Insertion Works
  • Managing Case Sensitivity for Dynamically Inserted Keywords
  • Application Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Google Ads

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