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Professional Graphic design Certification course in Ahmedabad

  • Every corporation needs some basic graphics, ranging from a logo, business cards, and brochures to professional graphic designers in the areas of imagination, creativity, visualization, and design.
  • Students who complete this professional graphic design course are in high demand. As a result, graphic design opportunities in India are continuously expanding.
  • Graphic design skills the practice of expressing ideas through ads, publications, and magazines using text and images.
  • It is a visual communication profession and an integral part of communication design.
  • Image creation, print design, animation, type design, typography, and video shooting are among the abilities taught in this course.
  • These abilities must subsequently be put to use in the completion of various design tasks.

Why choose us for a Graphic design certification course

  • Willing to enhance your graphic design career by studying from the best in the industry? We employ our knowledge and technological expertise to assist you in mastering the finest techniques of graphic design.
  • Our complete Graphic design course structure is to learn more about how we can assist you in your quest for a successful career in the graphic design business!.
  • We Provide industry experience for Real-time Project training
  • We provide Complete Study materials available for free.

Career opportunities after Professional Graphic design Course.

  • After completing the graphic design certification course you will get numerous opportunities. Because of the increased need for graphic designers, earnings are likely to climb. According to market projections, the remuneration will rise to between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000 each month. Freelancing ventures can also be used to supplement your income.


Designing Fundamentals and Digital Illustrations

  • Understand the role of graphic design and its main uses
  • Learn about the important sizes & measurements
  • Planning of brand logos
  • Design basics, principles, and elements
  • Drawing and scribbling techniques
  • Vector illustration making with various other art activities

Image Editing & Lay- outing

  • Basics of lay-outing principles
  • Advanced raster photo editing techniques
  • Work with designing process
    • Create thumbnails, rough layouts, and final layouts
  • Create digital artwork and matte painting compositing
  • Make different types of collage with masking
  • Create newspapers, books, magazines, etc. layouts
  • Create complete design ad campaign
  • Learn about print publishing

 Pre-Press & Post-Press

  • Types of colors, printing mediums and printing standards
  • Printing surfaces and their categories
  • Know about gravure, flexo, and offset printing
  • Important estimates and costing related to print
  • Explore image trapping along with crop masks and dimensions
  • Types of ready files for print & pre-press
  • Color separations, corrections, adjustments techniques
  • Working on special pantone shades
  • Learn to handle the over printing issues
  • Prepare a prepress checklist
  • Understand the difference between gloss & matt lamination

What you study in overall course? 

  • CorelDRAW
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dimension
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe LightRoom
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Prepress and Post-press
  • Visual grammar
  • Art and sketching classes
  • Portfolio development
    • Project report
    • Design report
    • Project presentation
  • Design competitions and quizzes
    • Learn to work in team
    • Know essential corporate etiquettes
    • Learn planning, designing, publishing, and presentation of a design
    • Know the veterans design process
    • Acquire leadership skills
    • And many more….

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