Diploma In Video Animation

Learn a professional Diploma course in Video Animation from one of the best Video Animation institutes in Ahmedabad, India.

Video Animation Industry :

The Indian animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 20% during the period 2016-2021. The industry is driven by the growing demand for animation content in the country, as well as the increasing number of players in the market.

which has resulted in an increase in demand for professional animators, designers, and creative artists. According to statistics published by Research and Markets, the Indian animation sector could reach a value of $2.3 billion by 2022. Obviously, animated films contribute a significant amount of the entertainment industry’s revenue.

Why you should do a Diploma in Video animation :

Animation is an excellent career opportunity for those with skills in illustration, cartooning, and 3D modelling. Individuals who want to use their creativity and ideas in the continuously increasing animation business should pursue a diploma in Animation/Multimedia.

There are many opportunities for animation careers in India. The growing popularity of Indian animation studios and the increasing demand for Indian animation content has created a number of job openings in the field. Indian animators are in high demand due to their unique style and ability to create original content. Many Indian animators have been hired by international studios to work on popular films and television shows. Indian animation studios are also growing in popularity, due to their lower cost of production and the ability to create high-quality content. The Indian animation industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, due to the increasing demand for Indian animation content.

Why you should diploma in Video animation from Dev Institute.

Diploma in Animation is a one-year short term course It is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the field of animation. Our course covers all the aspects of animation and helps students to become proficient in the field.

The course includes subjects like Character Development, Storyboarding, Layout, Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, and Visual Effects.

There are several reasons why you should consider getting your diploma in animation from Dev Institute.

Efficient Learning :

our program is designed to give you a strong foundation in the field of animation. You will learn the basics of animation, including principles of design, storyboarding, and character animation. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work with industry-standard software and equipment. This will give you the skills you need to pursue a career in animation.

Industry Expert’s guidance:

our faculty is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about video animation. They will be able to provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed in your studies. In addition, they can offer you valuable advice about the animation industry and help you network with other professionals.

We care for your career.

Our program meets the highest standards of quality and is recognized by the industry. With Dev Institute, you will be able to pursue a career in animation with confidence.

Basic Guide And Information

  • System Requirements
  • Install and Activate Premiere
  • Download Exercise Files
  • Media Offline – Error
  • Useful Website

Premiere Pro Basics

  • Create New Project
  • Workspace Layout
  • Editing Interface Introduction
  • Import Media Files
  • Organise Media Files
  • Ingest Settings
  • How To Use Proxy Video
  • Sequence
  • Source Monitor
  • Timeline
  • Program Monitor

Important Tools

  • Review This Course
  • Selection Tool
  • Track Select Forward and Backward Tool
  • Ripple Edit Tool
  • Rolling Edit Tool
  • Rate Stretch Tool
  • Razor Tool
  • Slip Tool
  • Slid Tool
  • Pen and Shape Tool
  • Hand and Zoom Tool
  • Type Tool

Video Effects

  • Effect Controls
  • Opacity
  • Blending Mode
  • Masking
  • Motion Tracking
  • Transition Effects
  • Video Stabiliser
  • Crop Effect
  • Green Screen – Chroma Key
  • Time Remapping
  • Adjustment Layer

Audio Editing

  • Basic Audio Editing
  • Volume Control
  • Audio Sync
  • Audio Channel
  • Audio KeyFrame
  • Ducking and Background Music
  • Audio Effects

Multicamera Editing

  • Prepare Multicam
  • Multicam Editing

Colour Correction

  • Analyze Color
  • Basic Color Correction
  • Advanced Color Correction
  • Color Wheel and Match
  • HSL Secondary


  • Title Basics
  • Create Title
  • Essential Graphics
  • Create Templates

Keyframe Animation

  • Keyframe Basics
  • Create Animated Lower Third

Export And Sharing

  • Export Video Using Premiere Pro
  • Export Video Using Media Encoder
  • Share Project File

Getting start

  • Create New Project
  • Interface, Workspace And Panels
  • Create New Composition
  • Create Matching Composition
  • Import Media Files
  • Organize Media Files
  • Import Ps and Ai File
  • Link Missing Media File
  • Timeline
  • Layers
  • Layer Properties
  • Workarea
  • Shortcut Key
  • Composition Panel
  • Toolbar
  • Effects Panel
  • Pre – Composition

Export And Share

  • Render Using After Effects
  • Render Using Media Encoder
  • Render Transparent Video
  • Share After Effects Project File
  • Save Project For Lower Version


  • Shape Layer And Anchor Point
  • Keyframe Basics
  • Ease Ease and Graph Editor
  • Cop, Past, Move, Stretch Keyframe
  • Motion Path
  • Spatial Interpolation
  • Temporal Interpolation
  • Hold Key frame
  • Project – Basic Text Animation
  • Project – Wedding Photos
  • Project – YouTube Subscribe Button


  • Shape
  • Bezier Shape
  • Pen Tool
  • Shape Group
  • Merge Path
  • Offset Path
  • Pucker and Bloat
  • Repeater
  • Stroke Dashes
  • Trim Path
  • Wiggle | Twist | Zig Zag
  • Morphing Bezier Shape
  • Alignment

Important After Effects Skills

  • Review This Course
  • Parent and Link
  • Null Object
  • Time Remapping
  • Blending Mode
  • Layer Style
  • Template Designing
  • Reverse Animation
  • Create Protected Region
  • Responsive Intro & Outro
  • Sequence Layer
  • Shy Layer


  • Basic Mask
  • Shape And Mask
  • Mask Animation
  • Effects With Mask
  • Mask With Pen Tool
  • Mask Tracking
  • Rotoscoping (Rotobrush)
  • Track Matte

Text Animation

  • Character Panel
  • Source Text
  • Text Path
  • Character Animation
  • Text To Shape and Mask

Motion Tracking

  • Tracking Panel
  • Warp Stabiliser
  • Stabilize Motion
  • One Point Tracking
  • Two Point Tracking
  • Tracking Problems And Solution
  • Rotoscoping
  • 3D Camera Tracking
  • Mask Tracking
  • Face Outline Tracking
  • Detail Face Tracking


  • Parent and Link
  • Basic Expression
  • Loop Animation – Expression
  • Wiggle Effects – Expression
  • Source Text – Expression
  • Interpolation – Expression
  • Index – Expression
  • Expression Control
  • Slider – Control
  • Color Control
  • Angle Control
  • Point Control
  • Checkbox Control
  • Dropdown Menu Control
  • Layer – Control
  • Pre-Composition Expression Error


  • 3D Workspace
  • 3D Axis
  • 3D Camera
  • Depth Of Field
  • 3D Lights
  • Light Falloff
  • Shadow
  • Cinema 4D
  • Puppet Tool
  • Puppet Mesh
  • Bend & Advance Pin
  • Puppet Stretch Tool
  • Puppet Overlap
  • Record Puppet Pins
  • Motion Sketch

Character Animation

  • Design Character
  • Back Foot Animation
  • Front Foot Animation
  • Connect Feet To The Leg
  • Hand Animation
  • Body Movement
  • Character Loop Animation
  • Blinking Eyes Animation
  • Sync Lips With Audio
  • Face Expression Control

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